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Latest jobs Krakatau Engineering position FINANCE ADMINISTRATION STAFF

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PT Krakatau Steel is the company's State-owned enterprises (SOEs), as the largest steel mill company in Indonesia and even in Southeast Asia, which was founded on August 31, 1970, now as a public company, PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk. currently has several members of the PT Krakatau Steel Group, and PT Krakatau Engineering is one of the subsidiary is wholly owned by PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk. PT Krakatau Engineering was established October 12, 1988, the scope of engineering and design services company serving the projects of PT Krakatau Steel Group expansion mainly & plant infrastructure facilities from PT Krakatau Steel, along with the increased competence and experience, PT Krakatau management. Engineering since Contractors engineering, procurement and construction Project of PT Krakatau Engineering is a project (EPC Contractor), especially in the fields of Industry, energy, buildings and infrastructure. PT Krakatau Steel as the parent company of paying special attention to the performance of PT Krakatau Engineering in achieving the vision and mission, and supported by synergy between group members with cash collateral in the form of financial support and the support of experienced experts from PT Krakatau steel & Group PT Krakatau Engineering currently serving more subscribers outside of the Krakatau Steel Group, to maintain his credibility, PT Krakatau Steel oversaw efforts specifically on increasing the competence of PT Krakatau Engineering, corporate competence and the competence of employees, and provides PT Krakatau Engineering to continuously follow the quality standards certification, safety and the environment at the international level and continue to follow the assessment process to assess the company's performance and the application of Good Corporate Governance. The company's main asset is the human experts, to maintain the growth of preserved PT Krakatau Steel are always reminded to PT Krakatau Engineering to conduct the process of regeneration through the recruitment process fresh graduated, and continue to do the acceleration of the transfer of knowledge through a process of intensive training and knowledge management. Project from PT Krakatau Engineering was a project that won the competition through an open tender by contractors to the same national and even international level, which achieved sales increases tremendously, so that within a short time of PT Krakatau Engineering can fit in with a group of leading national company in the field of EPC, which would be a strong foundation for PT Krakatau Engineering to enter the market in Asean Regional level EPC. PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk. as a shareholder of decent and proud for agility and consistency of PT Krakatau Engineering direction runs, PT Krakatau Engineering will soon become the pride of Indonesia. Source: Krakatau Engineering

Latest jobs Krakatau Engineering position: FINANCE ADMINISTRATION STAFF requirements: undergraduate in accounting from the University of Reputable min. GPA 3.00 (Scale 4) experienced in the Financial Management Report Min. 1 year United Kingdom Good fluency in oral and written Skills a good computer-savvy workers and able to work under pressure are good communication skills, initiative and high loyal Home Office in the town of Cilegon Willing started as a contract employee Jobs closed on August 18, 2015. If you are interested, please apply via online and for more information you can see through the ACC UII or please click here
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