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Latest Jobs Oasis International Waters Accounts Receivable Coordinator

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PT Oasis International Waters is a company engaged in the production of mineral water which is already guaranteed to be clinically clean and now peroduknya already circulated almost throughout Indonesia. PT Santa Rosa Indonesia as a forerunner of the Oasis International Waters begin, established since March 15, 1984, and is now renamed PT Oasis International Waters. PT. Oasis International Waters leading by some Director based in the Center and in AIDS by the General Manager who oversees some of the managers who respectively head of several departments, such as Sales, Marketing, logistics & & distribution, Production and finance.  Oasis drinking water from the source of the water of the mountains is very natural. Through intensive natural filtration through layers of sand and granite rocks contained dilereng mount gede, Bogor. OASIS International Waters doing a process water treatment through filtration and pengelohan by using modern equipment specifically designed according to international standards (ISO) at the final stage, the water is sterilized with Ozone (O3) to get the quality of the water clean and healthy. OASIS processed hygienically with using modern machines and to mesis – sterilization of Ozone (O3) to get a drink in a healthy, clean and free of bacteria. OASIS International Waters always implement standard production where at any stage of processing, always done pengandalian quality (Quality Control) which is strictly in cutting-edge technology and modern Laboratory to ensure the quality in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2000. In addition to the review by the internal laboratory each month OASIS also saw themselves at two national laboratories such as well as Sucofindo in KAN (Great Hall of Agro Industry – Laboratory analysis and calibration of the Balai Besar Agro Industry) As a business development efforts and increase the range of its business, PT. Oasis International Waters has 8 branch offices in various cities that can serve more than 20,000 customers in Jabodetabek, Cilegon and Bandung with a direct sales system (Direct Selling). OASIS was first marketed for Jabodetabek area, Cilegon and Bandung with the installed production capacity of PT. Oasis International Waters reach the packaging Gallon 19 liters = 70,000 gallon/day, packing Cup 240 ml = 7,500/day and cardboard packaging Pet 330 ml, 600 ml & 1500 ml carton = 10,000/day. Vision: Being a national Distributor and sometime Producer who produces and distributes drinking water in containers (AMDK) high quality for the needs of the wider community. Mission: Enhance the capabilities of human resources and social responsibility towards the community Indonesia. Consistently and continuously always strives for the best services, mutually beneficial harmonious between the 4 pillars namely the Customers, employees, Suppliers and the company. The provision of effective and efficient distribution of appropriate purposes of the customer and operational standards. Already more than 100 years, OASIS International has innovations, engineered, produced and distributed some of the best solutions of clean drinking water in the world. Currently, the purpose of the Oasis International Waters is to provide a clean, refreshing drinking water free of harmful bacteria, viruses, sediment, metals and chemicals. OASIS International Waters acknowledged world leader of packaging and cooling water pressure and provide point-of-use filtration equipment, water-friendly provides solutions to more than 80 countries of Asia, America, Europe, Africa. Source: Oasis International Waters

Latest Jobs Oasis International Waters Update August 15, 2015 Position: Accounts Receivable Coordinator Task: Coordination, control the billing section, collector, and cashier. Must understand about billing job description, collector and cashier Requirements: The maximum is 30 years old Candidates should have at least an Associate Degree, financial/accounting/banking/or equivalent Must have experience in Accounts Receivable (AR) position for a minimum of 2 years Enjoy working with people and a good attitude Familiar time limit Staff coordinated under this Can collaborate with teams or individuals Required languages: Indonesia and the United Kingdom Applicants must be willing to work in Jakarta The area of West Jakarta, Central Jakarta and North Jakarta Full time position available This vacancy is valid until August 25, 2015. If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please see the instructions at the source of the application via the link below: Source application
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