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Loker PT Pertamina Retail Terbaru

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Company Profile
PT. Pertamina Retail (hereinafter the Company) is a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) engaged in thebusiness of Pertamina products. the company's retailwas founded on 17 June 1997, and originally namedPT Pertajaya Lubrindo engaged in the Lubricantsbusiness. On 1 September 2005, the companychanged its name to PT Pertamina Retail. This changeaims to confront changes markets, especially Publicfueling station (GAS STATION) in Indonesia towards a free-market world.Counted since March 2006, the company Began to manage and operate-a GAS STATION

PT. Pertamina Retail is constantly working to Achieve the long-term plan that aims to Become a globalretailer of fine with giving the value of the diversifiedretailing Fuel and Non-Fuel through a fully integratedproducts and services. In 2013, the initiation of newbusiness initiation inaugural partnership-the-new partnership and synergy between the sales of business units with customer resultsacross PT PertaminaRetail has helped provide a sustainable advantage and continue to grow. In the future, PT. Pertamina Retailwill optimize and continue to develop theinfrastructure and owned assets in order to maintain a competitive advantage to be a company thatcontributes more to the parent company and the State, and still continues to cling to its commitment desperate company that respects the professionalism, accountability and convenience -oriented andcustomer satisfaction.

Become a leading retail company.

Manage and develop a retail outlet Pertaminaintegrated, professional and profitable.
Enhance citra Pertamina through the assurance of quality products and excellent service.
Be a role model for business management of GAS STATIONS and the SPBG.
Expand the network in regional markets.

Corporate Values
Values are inculcated to all workers of PT Pertamina Retail are:
The harmony between thought and deed.
Committed to safety.
Consistently provides the best experience to consumers.
Strong determination to do my best.
Focus on improving the company's finances.
Best Customer Experience
Passion For Excellence
Profit Oriented

The company Realized that human resources (HR) the competent superior is one of the main assets of the company. In the absence of a reliable and loyal HUMAN RESOURCES, operational activities and thegrowing flower companies will not Achieve maximum results. 

As a retail Company with a focus on product sales of fuel and non-fuel, Indonesia's leading companies feelobliged to continuously develop and improve the quality of its human resources in order to be alwaysaligned with the vision, mission and corporate valuesof the company through THEIR HR needs and processplanning system of selective recruitment, as well asregularly carry out training and Development Program, either on its own or done internally, as well as through a variety of training Institutions and the like. 

In the development of its business, the needs assessment capabilities companyconducts andmanpower with reference to the needs of the Organization, the which is reflected in the COMPANY / CBP and strategic plans based on Reviews those needs., The company ensures the needs of labor in foreign Click or call now functions tailored to the needs of thetime, amount, term and included in it, the criteria or the position or the amount of capacity and thecompany's needs Effectively and efficiently.
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Lowongan Kerja  PT Pertamina Retail Terbaru

Update 30 Oktober 2014
POSISI : Kepala DC
  • Pendidikan minimal Sarjana (S1)
  • Mempunyai 2 tahun pengalaman kerja dibidang pengelolaan gudang.
  • Lowongan kerja untuk penempatan diwilayah Cakung (Jakarta).

POSISI : Staf Teknik Perencanaan
  • Pendidikan minimal Sarjana (S1).
  • Jurusan  Arsitektur, Teknik Sipil.
  • Mempunyai 1 tahun pengalaman kerja di bidang terkait, lebih disukai staf.
  • Lowongan kerja untuk penempatan di Jakarta Pusat.

POSISI : Programmer
  • Pendidikan minimal Sarjana (S1).
  • Jurusan Teknik Komputer, Teknik Telekomunikasi.
  • Mempunyai 2 tahun pengalaman kerja di bidang terkait, lebih disukai staf.
  • Mampu mengoperasikan komputer dengan program Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic, Visual C .
  • Lowongan kerja untuk penempatan di Jakarta Pusat.

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